About Us

Fu Lee (Asia) Ltd has achieved success in building electrical infrastructure in the Southern China area since early 80's. We have introduced a number of pioneer electrical equipments to local power bureau; in the meanwhile, we became the sole agent, distributor and joint-venture business partners of various global energy equipment suppliers in China. In recent years, our own production factory has established to produce comprehensive power-generating equipments to meet the market needs.

Started as electrical equipment distributor, Fu Lee (Asia) has transformed as a comprehensive engineering consultancy, our services included planning, feasibility analysis, equipment supply, and facilities expansion, maintenance, reconditioning and disposing used equipment as well as other customized services. Meanwhile, the diesel generators from power plants are gradually stepping-down from the current trend of energy market. Our company has committed to introduce the gas turbine, in order to increase the efficiency of the power plants. At the same time, replaced diesel generators are in needed in the developing courtiers such as Pakistan, Indonesia and African countries. Our dedication is to assist customers to upgrade and retrofit their power plant equipments, at the same time; we also help customers to promote and resale obsolete equipments.

Electricity is at the very heart of climate change. Yet, the areas we serve are in urgent need of more power to fuel their economic growth and social development. Our greatest challenge now is to provide environmental friendly, reliable and safe energy. Renewable energy is a non-carbon emitting form of energy that can help reduce carbon emissions from traditional power generation. Hence, we will focus to introduce the Wind and Solar Energy to our customer.

In order to meet the demand of comprehensive client services, we have offices located in Hong Kong, China, Asia and Africa, in order to facilitate business relationships and establishing close strategic partnership with local partners and customers.

With a quarter of a century of experience in introducing energy equipments and providing comprehensive consultancy service, Fu Lee (Asia) Ltd is proud of exploring the 21st century with you! Our objective is to power the city's growth and improve the quality of people's living.