Instrument Transformer

Characteristics of our products

  • High safety
  • High reliance
  • High accuracy
  • High Standardization
  • Durable

Type of Instrument Transformer

  • Current Transformer
  • Voltage Transformer
  • Bushing

Range of our products

Type Current Transformer Highest Voltague for Equpment

Oil Immersed Inverted Current Transformer

From 40.5 kV to 550kV

Gas-Insulated Inverted Current Transformer

From 72.5kV to 550kV

Gas Insulated Voltage Transformer

From 126kV to 145kV

Current Transformer

From 35kV to 252 kV

Inductive Voltage Transformer

From 40.5 kV to 126 kV

Capacitor Voltage Transformer

From 40.5 kV to 252kV

Dry Wall Bushing

From 40.5kV to 126 kV

We provide tailor made solution for Instrument transformers to our Clients