Used Machinery & Plants

We provide full range of services in the market for second hand machines and plants, including

  • Sales of Used Machinery to buyers
  • Purchase of Used Machinery in the Market
  • Removal Service for the plants/machinery that are going to closed, or if the areas have to be cleared for new production
  • Appraisals for the sales of companies, relocation of production etc


  • The second hand machinery will be available at short time
  • Comprehensive technical information including current photos and videos will be provided to customers
  • Prospective customers can inspect the condition of the machines even the machines are still in production/operation


  • High degree of transparency
  • Price in line with market price
  • short lead time
  • comprehensive services (like dismantling, transportation)
  • new models of machinery are available which customers can enjoy newest used machinery at most competitive price

Types of Machinery

  • Used Metal Working Machinery
  • Used Woodworking Machinery
  • Used Plastic Processing Machinery
  • Used Robotics