As a long term business partner with our client, we
provide high quality after sales service, and one of
the inportant components of high quality after sales
service is spare parts

Besides, we also provide reconditioning service for
the diesel engine compoents

We provide various kinds of spare parts including:

  Type of Machine   Name of Parts
Diesel Engine     Piston Skirt
    Piston Crown
    Bearing Box
    Plunger Couple
    Exhaust Volute Casing
    Inlet Volute Casing
    Guide Bush
    Fuel Injection Couple
    Polar Plate
    Hydro Cylinder
    Value Casing
    Value Guide
    Pneumatic Value
    Value Seat
    Main Shaft
    High and Medium Voltage
    Switchgear and other precision
    machinery parts
    Plastic injection Machinery Parts
    Battery mold
    Chamber Support
    Contact Flange
    Stop Washer

  Type of Machine   Name of Parts
      Cylinder Cover
    Welding     Cylinder Liner
    Heating repair of Cylinder Cover     Piston Crown
    Changing the value seat     Value
    Reconditioning the annular groove
    of piston ring
    Value Seat
    Value Casing